Christmas shopping, or getting away from it

If you are keen on Christmas shopping, or are at least resigned to having to do it, then a trip to Birmingham on Saturday 5th December might be the thing to do. Amongst the festive delights on offer will be the celebrated Frankfurt Christmas Market and Craft Market and the recently-opened Grand Central shopping centre. Alternatively, if you are intent on avoiding Christmas shopping, then a trip to Birmingham on that day will still serve you well. Either end will be achievable by attending a free event that has been organised by the Birmingham Fabian Society, either with or without the optional shopping excursion.

I am sure that A Presentation on the Alternative to High Speed 2 will be of interest to readers of my blog. The alternative in question is High Speed UK (HSUK), which is a fully-integrated high-speed network alternative to HS2, that its devisers claim would be cheaper and have less environmental impact than HS2 – and that surely can’t be a bad thing. The event will give us the opportunity to hear from those promoting this alternative why they think it represents a better solution for our rail transport needs than HS2.

It will be held at the Priory Rooms, which is the Quaker Meeting House located at 40 Bull Street; the postcode is B4 6AF. The event is scheduled to commence at 2.30pm.

For those wishing to swap notes with the organisers and other attendees about what a silly idea HS2 is there will be a Rethink HS2 & High Speed UK social after the meeting, from around 5pm. This will be held in the Woodman pub in New Canal Street (B5 5LG), which serves food.

Although the events are free and open to all, registration in advance is required. I have registered for both events and hope that it will give me the opportunity to meet with readers of this blog.

See you there!

(I will post part 3 of Gladiatorial games on 30th November, retaining the normal four-day posting cycle for that blog series)


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